After We Danced

from NoLogoProductions

Summer 1952. Fran and Finn are living in Devon. He has just completed national service, she is living with an overly protective father. Both of them are dreaming of a brighter future, and worrying that it will never happen.

When they meet on a beach, it is the start of a relationship that will define their lives. What they don't realise is that it will only last one summer, and it will be sixty years until they meet again. All those years later, not only are they are still in love, they are about to be married, so what is the secret that kept them apart?

If you are looking for a play that has warmth, examines the human condition, with fine lines and performances, then this could be the new play for you. ★★

Remote Goat

Sweet and romantic, uplifting and believable. The strong cast inject a sense of energy and innocence into the carefully balanced script. 

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Tue 12th July, 4pm

Wed 13th July, 5.30pm

Thu 14th July, 4pm

Run time: 60 minutes